[Album Review] City Calm Down – In A Restless House

Originally published online at BLUNT Magazine.

City Calm Down
In A Restless House
I Oh You

4.5 / 5

City Calm Down’s debut album has been a long time coming. After turning heads with their 2012 EP Movement, their first full-length has been highly anticipated. In A Restless House is finally here and as far as debut records go, you don’t get much better.

The Melbourne four-piece have spent the last three years honing their sound, shifting from their electro roots to something that sounds like a cross between synth dominated post-punk of the 1980s and early 2000s indie rock (think New Order meets early The Killers). It’s an infectiously catchy mix of guitar and synth tunes, which straddle this weird mid-point of personal introspection and being danceable as all hell.

Tracks “Border On Control” and “Son” are the best examples of this, with the latter opening with church-organ synths before bursting into its wildly upbeat chorus. The big draw here is vocalist Jake Bourke’s incredible baritone which hits feel good highs (“Your Fix”, “Falling”) along with cold, melancholic lows (“Nowhere To Start”, “Wandering”).

The amount of effort City Calm Down have put into In A Restless House really shows. It’s an incredibly tight and polished record, and easily one of the best debut albums of 2015.


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