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[Interview] Bobby Moynihan: Living The Pug Life

Originally published online at MANIA Magazine.

The Secret Life Of Pets is one of our favourite movies of the year, and we can’t wait to grab a copy on DVD so we can watch it 24/7! If you’re like us and can’t get enough of it, then check out this AWSM interview with comedian Bobby Moynihan, the voice behind Mel the pug! You’d be barking mad to miss this!

MANIA: What was your first pet?
BOBBY: “I had a parakeet. But he didn’t last very long, unfortunately. I never had a dog or a cat, but I did have some fish. I had those for a very long time.”

MANIA: Do you have a pet now?
BOBBY: “Not right now.”

MANIA: Did you ever wonder what they did when you left the house?
BOBBY: “I did! I thought it was a Toy Story situation, where my pets would go hang out with other pets when I wasn’t around.”

MANIA: Do you have a dream pet?
BOBBY: “I would love to hang out with a monkey for a little while. Sloths are pretty cool too.”

MANIA: Are you a cat or a dog person?
BOBBY: “I think I’m more of a dog person. Cats are too full of anxiety and running around too much for me.”

MANIA: How did you land the role of Mel?
BOBBY: “The studio sent me a picture of Mel, and I saw his tiny little feet and though, ‘Man, I’d love to do this!’”

MANIA: What was it like playing Mel the pug? Did you do any method acting to get into the role?
BOBBY: “Yeah, I only drank out of a bowl for six months, haha! Mel’s such a fun energetic character, it was a blast coming up with that energy to play such a happy dog.”

MANIA: What does it take to live the “Pug life”?
BOBBY: “A lot of being pampered. A lot of waiting for people to come home so they can feed you. And a lot of running into walls!”

MANIA: What type of friend is Mel to Max?
BOBBY: “That friend you keep around who might be an idiot, but he’s fun and loveable. He might be the best person to have on your team, but he’ll always be there for you if you need him.”

MANIA: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
BOBBY: “Any animal that can fly, because I don’t have that ability… yet. A bird of some kind, or maybe a monkey so I can swing around.”

[Interview] Georgina Hayns: Master of Puppets

Originally published online at MANIA Magazine.

Georgina Hayns is the Creative Supervisor at Studio Laika. She’s in charge of supervising the fabrication of all the amazing little puppets that are used to make awesome films like ParaNorman, Coraline and The Boxtrolls. We caught up with Georgina to talk about the puppets used in Kubo and the Two Strings!

MANIA: How did you get into stop-motion animation?
GEORGINA: “I got into it through being really hopeless at everything at school except for art. I had no focus; I love drawing, I love painting, I love sewing, I love sculpting. I went to art school when I was older and I was really interested in old Victorian dolls. I decided that I wanted to make dolls as a career, so I tried to convince my teachers that doll making was the way to go! They weren’t very impressed, haha. Puppet making was kind of a way for me to get around my teachers – puppets are like an artistic form of dolls. I really didn’t know much about stop-motion animation at the time, but I managed to get an internship at a stop-motion animation studio while at university. It really opened my eyes to a whole new world where all my skill sets were usable!”

MANIA: Was there any particular influences on your art?
GEORGINA: “When I decided I was going to do puppets I went out and found as many movies and TV shows that I could. I watched Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal and it blew my mind! It was exactly what I wanted to do.” Continue reading

[Interview] Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour)

Originally published online at BLUNT Magazine.

While US rockers Stone Sour were here for this year’s Soundwave Festival, we decided to take frontman Corey Taylor (he of mask-wearing Slipknot fame) to Kings Comics in Sydney to talk us through his favourite graphic novels and comic books ahead of the release of part one his own graphic novel, The House Of Gold Bones.

Have a watch of our chat with Corey and one of our own comic enthusiasts to witness a geek out of epic proportions.