Creative & Copywriting

MANIA Magazine (nextmedia)

From January 2016 to July 2018, I was the feature writer for MANIA, a popular children’s magazine that’s published throughout Australia and New Zealand. During my time writing for MANIA, I covered videogames, sports, movies, television and various other pieces of pop culture. I have also written advertorial copy for clients such as Disney, Sony, and Nintendo—forming strong, working relationships with them in the process. I always aimed to accurately represent the client’s properties while also maintaining MANIA’s tone of voice.

My work has taught me the importance of working as a team, as well as providing me with the skills of time management and a strong work ethic. I’m a fast and efficient worker, and am able to manage multiple projects while ensuring I meet tight deadlines. I’m always eager to pitch articles, and I’m a versatile writer when it comes to styles and form.

I regularly assisted in the sub-editing of print and online content for MANIA magazin. I’ve also provided editorial assistance for BLUNT magazine and Australian Guitar magazine.

Beyond the Stars (S1T2 Games)

Inspired by the stories of local Fijians, Beyond the Stars takes students on a journey to reclaim the sacred knowledge of an ancient Pacific civilisation that holds the key to restoring health and prosperity in the land.

The story is told across multiple mediums, including an introductory cinematic, an immersive VR experience, a mobile application, and a graphic novel. As they progress through the story, students learn about nutritious eating, physical activity and culture that builds on their existing health and nutrition curriculum.

I provided copywriting assistance, and was responsible for writing the in-game tutorial and mechanics copy.

More information about Beyond the Stars can be found here.